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Afrijamz.Com - Home

By admin 22 Apr 2010 02:29 PM Tag: About

About Us

About Us

Afrijamz is a global body of media entertainment from around the globe focused on bridging the gap between the unfortunately narrow minded and limited view of the African entertainment industry and the rest of the world.
Afrijamz started in 2005 but actualized in July of 2008 and like most great ideas it started as a dream. A dream that turned into an idea and an idea that then became reality.
Ekpenyong Otu also known as Dj Mixmasterbrown (Owner & C.E.O) a dj of international repute, built the corporation on solid ground with help from his dedicated team.
The reality is that there should be a form or portal, and as most portal or entertainment based portals are, it not only embodies the essence of African culture and music like some portals of like functionality already do but this stands out in that it has its own personality. It relates to all but young and old alike in making it feel like they (the users) and not some invincible person behind the scene run what they hear and how the wheels of the portal turn hence the motto of the radio station “this is your radio and not ours” a simple yet point driving phrase.
Our work speaks for itself, we do a better and thorough work in promotions and distributions. With well over 70,000 (seventy thousand) members and counting.. You can't go wrong with Afrijamz.

This sounds like an uneasy task but to us it has been as easy as making “gari and ice cold water to drink” simply because the team and officers of Afrijamz collectively have over 20 years of multi media and human relations experience and as such are able to adapt and put together programs and overall entertainment packages that appeal to all ages, nationality, and personality.
This being said, our ability to draw thousands of listeners and users a day is by the passion for what we do being visible in the delivery of our programs. Ranging from the music selection by internationally known DJ Mixmasterbrown, who comes from a background of having the hottest shows in Jos & Calabar, Nigeria and still is one of the top ranked and most sort after DJs in Nigeria having rocked events & concerts with the hottest acts you could think about.

Omobade who thrills his audience and transports them through music on a round trip all expense paid tour of Africa without even having to get a passport and not to forget DJ Don X who brings his versatility in music to his show and has audience pouring in to listen to his unique hosting skills that can’t really be put to words and then there is DJ Notorious Neptune who takes mixing to another level on his show and you may have heard that before but you need to hear him at YOUR request drop track after track flawlessly, this brings us to DJ Donn whose passion for music is unbelievable. New to the team are Dj Marv & Dj Raymond…..stay tuned